NO TO CO Design is a team of people whose passions are interesting patterns, compositions of colors and innovative ideas. NO TO CO Design is directed by Lena Majewska who defines the character of each collawoola by designing its unique composition and color palette. She inherited the enthusiasm for design and tailoring from her mom who creates her own designs of clothes and interior accessories. Design is her destiny and her education as she graduated from the Fine Arts Academy in Gdańsk. Eco-design is a slogan she does not part with lately.

A lot has been written about recycling as it becomes more and more en vogue. For us it is most of all an ocean of possibilities to bring objects back to life and make them useful. After recreating, they gain new function and charm to please their new owners with surprising forms. Our coolawoolas are made of cast-off woolen sweaters (pure new wool, merino, angora, cashmere, sometimes blended with tiny amounts of cotton, viscose or acrylic). In order to make a coolawoola, we cut, disassemble and reassemble funny colorful forms. We fully use the potential of woolen knits and work left-overs and buttons into fun accessories: brooches and toys.

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